My name is Valerie and I've run StuckInBooks since January 2011.  I love to read and share books that I love with others.

I love being on twitter, talking to peeps about books and telling you what I think about my recent read.

I'm also a teacher.  I work in a middle school teaching math and technology.  I know that doesn't fit with my passion for reading but my first major in college was journalism.  Being the editor or the high school paper fits better with my blogging obsession.  But when I volunteered in schools, I saw how much kids disliked math.  That really bugged me.  Math came easy to me.  I wanted to help.  So the math teacher was born.  Later, I fell in love with the tech piece of teaching.  My masters is in instructional technology.  

I'm also a wife, mother and grandmother.  I have two wonderful children that are all grown up now.  I have one incredible grandson that I love so much.  He's already felt me reading obsession.  He's frequently stuck in books too.

Everything I've done with my blog has led me to this point.  I love helping authors spread the word about their books.  I've learned how to get the word out and how to organize.  Tours, read-a-thons, events, HTML posts, media kits, beta reading - I've done it all.  

I have one issue though.  I have to love your work to help you.  I'm not the kind of person who can promote things I don't believe in.  So please don't take offense if I ask to read your work first.  It won't work if I don't feel the passion for your writing.